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Always great

Val, 06 May 2021

Good food

William, 02 May 2021

l like the chipy to close down very poor hamburger supper l will be chating to the health people

June Russell, 29 Apr 2021

l had hamburger supper and it wasnt nice so l put it in the bin

June Russell, 29 Apr 2021

Love both Uphall and Sighthill Edinburgh chip shops

Gary, 15 Apr 2021

5 stars.

William, 14 Apr 2021

Always love the food from Aldos

Kerry, 10 Apr 2021

10% off did not get applied?

Owen, 09 Apr 2021

Great so quick thank you

Alicia, 08 Apr 2021

Excellent service, food and speed of delivery.

Jimmi, 02 Apr 2021


Alison, 27 Mar 2021

The food is very good

Alison, 21 Mar 2021


Ian, 15 Mar 2021

Friendly staff, more than happy to help.

Paul, 12 Mar 2021

Far too complicated system thought I had ordered waiting and had not went through fustrating

Jane, 12 Mar 2021


Ian, 08 Mar 2021

Always excellent service and quality food keep up the good work guys

Ross, 07 Mar 2021


Patrycja, 05 Mar 2021

Forever getting delivery’s late from you guys, it’s actually getting to the point we’re I just won’t be ordering from use again, witch is sad to say cos I think you guys are really good, but your timing is just awful. I don’t order food for it to be cold. It’s a waste of money!! I mean last time it was for my little boy and use were that late he was out to bed with something else for his dinner, as use took too long way longer than delivery time

Kat, 26 Feb 2021

Waited an hour and a half for delivery and still waiting

Dawn Innes, 26 Feb 2021

I live in Broxburn so Bravo is closest to me however Aldos is the best and delivery is always faster .

Kelly, 26 Feb 2021

Ordered a pizza today for the kids and it was burnt to a crisp. Ended up throwing the whole thing in the bin

Julie Morrison , 20 Feb 2021

Great tasty food.

Aileen, 20 Feb 2021

Late still not turned up?

Kat, 19 Feb 2021

Favourite chippy

Lorraine, 08 Feb 2021

So I ordered last night at about 1020, got told 45 minutes an hour and a half last still not been so I phoned they he will be there now, still about 10 minutes later so I phone back then my door goes, then I get it all inside to see my pizza is missing absolute joke it was I normally order from here all the time but after last night I very much doubt it

Nicole Jeffrey, 07 Feb 2021